5 Perks of Buying a House in With a Rent to Own Agreement

Most buyers require a mortgage loan to purchase a home, and many find the qualifications for approval challenging to attain. Circumstances beyond our control often derail the best of plans and leave potential buyers with less than a healthy credit score or an empty savings account. However, with careful planning and patience, these would-be homeowners can take steps to meet the lender’s approval as they continue to pay rent and work towards their goals. 

Rent-to-own agreements offer an alternative that allows all of the benefits of owning your own home and contributes to your standing with lenders financially, improving your odds for loan approval. Read on as we explore these five perks of buying a house in with a rent to own agreement.

No Waiting

An attractive perk of buying a house in with a rent to own agreement is the privacy and control of homeownership, instead of spending a few more years renting as you work towards qualifying for a mortgage loan. Rent to own agreements allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of homeownership under the terms of a lease option contract for one to three years, most commonly.

Credit Repair

Qualifying for a mortgage loan is fraught with requirements, one of them being specified credit scores and housing expense ratios. However, if you don’t quite have your credit rating ducks all in a row, one of the perks of buying a house in with a rent-to-own agreement is the time allowance for you to repair any credit issues.


Another perk of buying a house in with a rent-to-own agreement is the opportunity to build equity for a qualifying down with a lender. While you’ll pay higher than average rent in most of these agreements, a portion of the rent applies as a credit towards the down.  In addition, while the agreed-upon price for the property is commonly above the current market value, home values often increase enough over the time of the contract to allow for some instant equity when you purchase the property outright. 


The next perk of buying a house in with a rent-to-own agreement is that you benefit from the payments you make, investing in your future instead of paying off your landlord’s mortgage as a renter. In addition, if the purchase price is below market value will further improve your standings with the lender when you apply for your mortgage.


The lease-option contract is another perk of buying a house in with a rent-to-own agreement. If you would prefer to test drive the home to ensure you’ll be happy as a long-time owner, this agreement gives you the right to buy the property when your lease expires; however, there is no obligation to purchase the house as you’d have with a lease-purchase contract.

At Modern Properties Solutions, our experienced team can help you understand all of the perks of buying a house in with a rent to own agreement. Talk to a trusted expert from Modern Properties Solutions today, and we’ll stop everything and listen to you so that we clearly understand your state of affairs and provide you with the resources to jump over the hurdles standing in your way with ease. 

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