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This seller lives in Florida and wanted to sell his family home in Philadelphia.  Based on it’s condition he couldn’t sell it to a home buyer that could move right in, and needed to look at “as is” buyers.  He met with other “as is” buyers and received several low offers.

Enter Modern Real Estate and our “Market Ready™” program.  We did a walk through on his property and realized we could complete a cosmetic renovation and sell the property for him.  With our “Market Ready™” program he was still selling the property “as is” and we took care of all of the hassles of selling a house.   He didn’t have to worry about repairs, clean out, negotiating with buyers, realtor fees, etc.  We agreed upon a price and handled everything else for him.   Once we completed and paid for the cosmetic renovation we put his property on the market, and sold it.   This seller had his funds wired to him in Florida and he didn’t even have to come to settlement.  He couldn’t be happier!

Since we add value and equity by doing repairs we could offer a lot more money then your typical ‘as is” buyer.   Our “Market Ready™” program is a different way to help sellers that want an “as is” sale, but want a reasonable sale price.


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This seller lives in Rhawnhurst and wanted to sell her property.  After meeting with realtors she realized her property was underwater and she was stuck.  The value of her property was less then what she owed on her mortgage.  She was facing foreclosure . 

That’s when Modern Real Estate stepped in.  We inspected her property and realized we could boost the value enough to sell her property for her and she wouldn’t face a foreclosure.  We paid for a moving company for her and put some money in her pocket.  We then made cosmetic renovations to her home to increase the value so we could sell it and she could pay off her mortgage.  Any money left over was for our time and efforts.

She saved her credit from a foreclosure and was able to walk away with something.  We put a beautiful property on the market and a new family will soon be calling it home.

Another successful “Market Ready™” performed by Modern Real Estate!



This seller needed to make repairs to her home in order to sell it, but wasn’t in a position to do so.  She  tried to sell her home to one of the cash “as is” companies.  She was told she would receive a huge payday for her home and even though it sounded too good to be true, she signed a contract with them.  Week after week they came back to her and lowered their offer price. She was upset, but kept holding on hoping this would be the week she could finally sell.  Eventually the price she was offered was less than what she owed.   She thought it was all over, even contemplated handing in her keys and walking away.

One call to Modern Real Estate fixed everything for her.  We set her up in our “Market Ready™” program and started making repairs on her home. Once we finished, our repairs created enough equity that she was able to sell her home! She didn’t have to do a thing and was able to sell an unsellable home!

If you need help with a difficult to sell home give us a call.  We help people every day.

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This seller lives in Virginia and had family members living in the property.  Unfortunately, her family didn’t pay the rent and she fell behind on the mortgage.  Also, the family living there tried to make some improvements to the house and didn’t know what they were doing.  She wanted to sell it, but the property wasn’t in any condition to sell.

Facing foreclosure with a mortgage that was higher than the value of the home, she didn’t know what to do.  She didn’t have the money to make the necessary repairs, but, needed to get a strong offer to pay off the mortgage.

Our Market Ready™ Program was the answer.  Our attorney contacted the bank and stopped the foreclosure.   We gave her property a cosmetic renovation, while she still owned it which boosted the homes value and give her a strong offer.  She is putting a nice chunk of change in her pocket and getting out of a foreclosure.  Another Win-Win thanks to Modern Real Estates Market Ready™ Program!




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This retired couple, Ellison and Antoinette, wanted to sell their house and move in with their son.  They wanted to clear a certain amount of money to help their son pay off his mortgage.  Their home wasn’t in bad shape but needed some work before they could sell it.  Since they didn’t have money set aside to make the necessary repairs to their home so they needed to sell it “as is.”  Unfortunately for them, the “as is” offers they were getting were much too low for them to clear what they needed.

After contacting Modern Real Estate they were very interested in our Market Ready Program™.  This allowed them to sell their home “as is” but at a much higher price.  When we agreed on a price that allowed them to clear what they needed, they were ecstatic.

Once they moved out, Modern Real Estate got to work.  The necessary repairs were made and a buyer was found.  Ellison and Antoinette received their funds at settlement and couldn’t have been happier.  Another Market Ready Program™ by Modern Real Estate that worked out for everyone involved.



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Get A Fair Cash Offer On Your Home In Minutes...

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